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Ways to Recover Gmail Account Password

If you don’t know phone number or recovery email, you can still recover the password for your Gmail account as given below: You can select I Don’t have a phone, and click on Try Another way.

It will ask you to enter the recovery mail. You can choose try another way. It will ask you to enter the answer to security question like what as the phone number. You can enter the phone number and recover your Gmail password.

If you have not setup the secret question, you click on the Try another way. It will ask you to enter the month and year of creating the Gmail as below:

You need to enter the email id in the next page to recover the password. Follow rest of the procedure by clicking on Next to recover the lost password.

If you fail to recover the Gmail account password despite trying the above steps, you can approach the Gmail customer care at toll free number 1-844 901 4000 to recover the Gmail and start using seamlessly.


• Missing Messages in Gmail

Sometimes, you have surprised to see that all of the Gmail messages are deleted and your inbox is empty. You may also fail to receive the messages in your Gmail account. Another issue with Gmail is that some messages get missed.

You need to verify the following to find out how the messages from Gmail account are missing:


Check Filters in Gmail Account

First check if you have setup any filters in your email account. You need to click on the settings button on the right side of your Gmail and click on Filters and Blocked Addresses Tab. Look for filters like Skip Inbox or Delete in the settings. Now, follow the on screen instructions to prevent automatic deletion or archiving of the email messages. It should solve your missing mails problem.

Check in Spam Folder

You need to check if the mails are marked as Spam. You can visit the Spam folder and open the mail and click on Not Spam to get the desired messages from a known email id to your Inbox.

Check if Emails are automatically forwarded to Another Email address

It is common to forward the email messages to another email to read all of the messages in a single client. If you have set up messages forwarding, you can choose the leave a copy of the message in Forwarding and Pop/IMAP option in settings and save the changes. It solves the missing email messages in your Inbox.

Check in Trash Folder

If you are losing the email messages despite performing all of the above steps, it is advised to change the password of your Gmail account immediately.

If you are stiff facing the issues, you can report the problem to the Gmail Customer Service immediately to solve your problems and recover important messages.


Missing Contacts in Gmail

It is suggested to back up the contacts in Gmail account to restore in case of accidental loss of all of the contacts. The following steps help to backup your contacts in Gmail account:

To export contacts from Gmail account, click on the down arrow next to Gmail (on the top left side of the Gmail) and choose contacts. It displays all of the contacts on the next screen. Select important or all of the contacts and click on More button and choose an export option. The supported export formats include Google CSV format, vCard format and Outlook CSV format for importing the Microsoft Outlook or another email client. It is the best process to backup your Gmail contacts.


Importing Contacts into Gmail Account

If you missed the contacts or created a new Gmail and want to import contacts from another Gmail account, you need to select the Gmail and choose contacts on the left side top. Click on More button and choose Import to retrieve Gmail contacts in Google CSV format. Your Gmail contacts are easily restored and ready for use.


How to Clean Messy Inbox in Gmail?

Many unwanted email messages are taking the storage space in your Gmail. The allowed storage space is 15GB. If your Gmail account is full and wants to delete unwanted and unimportant messages, go the promotional tab and select all and delete.

You can also identify mails from unknown email addresses and mark them as Spam. You can clear the Spam messages with a single mouse click and free Gmail account space.

You can also unsubscribe to unwanted emails. It prevents receipt of emails from unwanted addresses and keeps your inbox free.

You can also delete unwanted Photos and files from Google Drive to free up space in your Google account.

You can also block emails from unknown and unwanted email addresses to prevent receipt and save Gmail account space.


How to Read Multiple Gmail accounts on Android?

You need to download the Gmail app from Google Play Store. You can add a Gmail account using your email address and password. To add another account, click on the up arrow next to the email address and click on Add account. You can setup another Gmail account and read each account seamlessly on Your Android Smartphone.


Tips to Availing Best Gmail customer service Guidance

You can make use of Gmail Customer Care to solve all of the issues related to your Gmail account. You can easily reach the customer care center of Google through phone call, chat and video conference. It is advisable to go for the calling option as it can provide you with instant solution to your problem.

You can read the popular articles at the above site and find answers to all of the common questions. If you still find the right answer, you can reach the customer care through phone or email. You can get answers for topics like Sync & Import, Loading and Display, Rejected Messages, Suspicious or unwanted emails and account related issues.